The Cube, According to Gatherer, Part 12 – The One In Which We Get Back to Work

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4 Responses

  1. alextfish says:

    I think your Djinn should say “Whenever CARDNAME enters the battlefield or an Aura becomes attached to it”. A few minor fixes in there but the biggest one is “becomes attached” rather than “is attached”. To me, seeing cardtext saying “When an Aura is attached to ~, do X” reads like “So… that’s all the time, then? Do I do it once every phase?”

    Otherwise, some delightful stuff here. I really like Topple Expectations (um, though it should be cheaper to not be strictly worse than Wild Ricochet). I like designs that crossover the set themes like Tome of Enchantment. And you’ve got beautiful artwork on several of your new cards too, including the Elemental Spirit.

    How far through the Cube are you now?

    • jmgariepy says:

      Ah, Wild Ricochet. Some abilities seem too good when you hear about them, but are merely mediocre in practice. Both of your suggestions are good, and I’m updating the card images on this page. Which will probably make future readers of your comment confused until they read my response. Hi future readers!

      I’m currently 139 cards into a 360 card cube. So a little more than a third, and working toward halfway. Playtesting is coming soon…

  2. cartesiandaemon says:

    I’m still loving reading these.

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