The Cube According to (not) Gatherer, Part 10 – Un-Wizards Design

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  1. Jack V says:

    Oh yay, that was a fun one.

    Wow, I can’t believe you found appropriate art for gold monster.

    I’ve always heard both as meaning “two out of two choices”, I’d have templated your cards as “choose one or more”. Is that just my dialect?

    • jmgariepy says:

      You know, I couldn’t think of any cards at the time that had one, two, or three options. But a few Escalate cards from Eldritch Moon do. There’s probably some others I’m forgetting as well.

      (Though, now that I think of it, I have no idea why I used the term ‘both’ instead of ‘two’. Brain fart, I suppose.)

      I guess I got to make a quick template change.

      • jmgariepy says:

        Also, I can’t believe I found that artwork for Gold Monstrosity either. You know what the really tough artwork to find this week was? Falcon Handler. “Something that flies with something that doesn’t fly” is a simple concept in theory, but try typing that into a Google image search…

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