The Cube According to Gatherer, Part Four – A Counter Encounter

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  1. MachiavellianMethod says:

    When is part 5? I made an account just to ask this, so you know it’s important. (:

  2. jmgariepy says:

    Sorry MachiavellianMethod! I got waylaid by a larger project. The audioplay that I’ve been working on in the background for the past nine months just dropped this morning. It’s called Say Hello to Black Jack, and you can find out more about it at, or look for the podcast in the iTunes store.

    This week, I’m dedicating my time to promoting SH2BJ as much as possible. But I should be picking up part five in short notice after that. The article itself is in its third draft as it is right now, and I’ve been slowly amassing cards for part six at the same time. This project is important to me too… it just got temporarily overshadowed by the finalization of a much larger project.

    • MachiavellianMethod says:

      Thank you for responding! I will definitely check out this audio play.

      • jmgariepy says:

        No problem! I get about 200 hits on my site per day, but, as you can see, very few comments. It’s crazy how much influence a person who speaks up can have with us non-celebrity artists/journalists.

  3. Abe Sargent says:

    Heya! Love your stuff, just spent a few hours reading your back catalog which was awesome. I was wondering if you’d be okay if I took on this Gatherer Cube challenge for my own column over at I’d make a few changes, like choosing cards that exist to balance stuff rather than making cards to do so. And I would be happy to toss you some credit as well, of course. Anyways, just let me know if that is something that interested you!

    • jmgariepy says:

      Mr. Sargent! You honor me. There aren’t enough ‘casual’ Magic writers out there, and you’re one of the better ones.

      I’d be more than happy for you to (half) steal my idea, and equally happy for the credit. As it stands, there’s been a number of times I thought that choosing already printed cards was a more appropriate approach anyway. I’m occasionally stymied in my own series, since the perfect answer to such and such a random card has already been designed. This is proving to be a fun project either way, though, so do enjoy.

      Oh, also, if it’s in your purview, I just launched a new audio drama by the name of ‘Say Hello to Black Jack’. You can find more information at If you could link people to that as well, I’d be appreciative. If you don’t feel it’s appropriate for whatever reason, though, I understand. Take care!

  1. March 29, 2017

    […] comments section of Part Four, Abe Sargeant happened upon my blog and wanted to try his hand at making his own Gatherer Cube.  […]

  2. June 15, 2017

    […] Which I thought was cool.  I still think it’s cool.  I would be happy to add this card.  Except it shouldn’t be an Elf Druid.  Druids don’t clone themselves.  Maybe some sort of Druid Wizard?  But even if we fix the class, cloning is still taboo for Elves.  The more I thought about it, the more I felt this should be an insect.  But the set already includes 1/1 insect tokens.  They come from Hiveheart, which I designed in Log Four: […]

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