The Cube According to Gatherer, Part 13 – Aura You Okay, Gatherer?

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  1. alextfish says:

    I’d imagine the reason nobody prints +1/+1 counter tokens is because they’re, um, the size of a card? How are you meant to put them on top of the card and still be able to see anything of the card? Dice (or glass beads) are just a much better form factor.

    I note that with Amonkhet Wizards finally printed punch-and-tear -1/-1 counters. I wouldn’t be surprised if some set sometime gets punch-and-tear +1/+1 counters. But full-card-size ones? How do the ergonomics of that even work? Tuck them in behind the card, I guess, like an Aura. But then – eight of them? Really? Everyone I know would just put a die or two on the creature or the token card rather than try to find eight of them. It’s not like there’s benefit to having them all in different places like there is with Saproling tokens. (“Put four of them to block this guy, one to chump each of those two, and tap these four to Nullmage Shepherd” is useful to be able to do with creature tokens. Counter cards? Not so much, as far as I can tell.)

    • jmgariepy says:

      Tuck them behind, like an aura. That problem is easy to solve.

      Some people like visual representation, and some people like numerical representation. I know when I put my life counter on the table (assuming I’m not at a tournament) I use four six-sided dice, turned to the number five, removing a whole die when I hit the number ’15’ (or adding another if I happen upon 21.) I just prefer to look at chunks of information as opposed to whole numbers. I know I upset some crotchety players, whose minds can’t seem to process anything but a d20.

      As an alternative argument, I could say that +1/+1 counter tokens work better with creature tokens when you’re using dice or counters to represent the creatures. Why not use a token to represent the creature? Because (to make it look nice, and not mess with your head) you’d need a selection of tokens to represent each token creature you could create. With my way, you just carry some dice or chits to represent token creatures and pack ten +1/+1 counter tokens in case it comes up.

      I don’t make these arguments because I think I’m right. I’m only making these arguments to prove there are arguments to be made. They could be folly. But the best thing to do, as far as I’m concerned, is to print them, and let the community decide if they want them or not.

  2. My only problem with this series is how long I have to wait for the next one.

    • jmgariepy says:


      For what it’s worth, I got a problem with that too. Unfortunately, this series splits editing time with the second season of my audio drama, Say Hello to Black Jack, and a movie review/interview series that will start releasing shortly. I swear I’m not lazy! Just the opposite, actually… I’m a bit too eager to take on more work. 😐

  1. October 11, 2017

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