The Ten Most Awesome Legendary Commanders, According to Gatherer – Part Two

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  1. alextfish says:

    Oh dear, I seem to be one of those annoying commenters today :-S But I have to share this story: What Visara casts is in fact Terminate. I only know this because of one memorable post several years ago that described Visara as like a horrible auntie that confiscated all the Terminates and now hands them out at parties like ghastly chocolates.

    I’m startled to hear that Sliver Queen is the most popular legend of all time. I guess I have to remember back to those days as a new player when I eagerly gathered up all the slivers I could find, in all colours, and had heard rumours of this legendary, nay, mythical queen of theirs.

  2. jmgariepy says:

    Ugh! Terminate. The card existed before Visara. All right, I got to roll up my sleeves and alter that paragraph. Bit of a shame, because I like how that came out… but I can’t ignore reality.

    Oh, and I’ve never heard of a writer who doesn’t appreciate the comments, so I think you’re safe today, Alex. 😉

  3. Drew says:

    All those sliver cards you mentioned, my friend got out and won the game!

  4. Joseph says:

    Such an awesome read!

  5. Davis says:

    I feel that even though Sun Quan is not very highly rated or diverse, he should be some sort of honourable mention (Canadian) due to his ability to make a creature based blue edh deck. Setup is simple: pile on defensive creatures, play the lord, and flood with power based blue/colourless creatures, while stalling with counterspells.

  6. Jack M says:

    Isn’t Sliver Overlord a better choice, as you can then go and find all of your little sliver friends?

  7. Greg says:

    I think that Sheoldred, Whispering One belongs on this list. With the ability to take out a card every turn without being screwed over by indestructible, for the cost of losing choice, and an added bonus for bringing a card from your graveyard back each turn, you can basically cover Mimeoplasm and Visara in one commander. Definitely should have been included on this list.

    Another excellent one is Thraximundar. With the considerable amount of cards that require sacrificing your own cards, in addition to causing other players to sacrifice cards, you get payed back by buffing him up everytime a creature is sacrificed. Just play a bunch of tokens, sacrifice them, and watch your commander kick their ass, especially if you play butcher of malakir and/or Dictate of Erebos to double/triple the stacks of counters being placed on your Thraximundar, as well as ridding of your enemies’ defense, carving a path for Thraximundar to charge right through. And it goes right along with Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, since they can’t search for anything and it gets boosted right along with it, AND Bloodflow Connoisseur who can sacrifice any creature to boost itself up AND your Thraximundar/Ob Nixilis. There is so many directions to go with it and its so badass. Should have also been on here.
    But just my opinion.

  8. zapyourtumor says:

    I personally believe that Sliver Overlord is better than Sliver Queen, as you can use it to tutor for Sliver Queen.

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