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The Forest, CR 8 – Random Encounters for Dungeons & Dragons: Fifth Edition

“We shouldn’t have left the party behind!” “We had no choice, Gavin!  The horses are gone.  Thelon can barely move, Answar is insane with a fever, and Morgan is comatose. They need a healer.  We can defend...


The Forest, CR 4 – Random Encounters for Dungeons & Dragons: Fifth Edition

“Don’t panic!” Yasmin screamed in the catfolk’s ear. Tigbe shot Yasmin a look which inferred he wouldn’t mind clawing her eyes out, if he could yank his paws out of the muck.  “I’m not panicking,” the...


The Forest, CR 1/4 – Random Encounters for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition

“All alone, all alone. Little lost halfling, all alone. You so tired, woods you creep. Uglurk put you fast asleep.” Appropriate random encounters for a single first level character travelling through the forest, which may...

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