Return to Ravnica Block’s Greatest (and Worst) Hits, According to Gatherer

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  1. Circeus says:

    I’m not going to defend Primal Visitation as such, but I’m going to point out It was specifically intended to be a lackluster card.

    • jmgariepy says:

      Most of the worst cards are, I assume. I know I come down hard on the worst cards, but really, I love every janky one of them. Every now and then, I think Wizards isn’t printing the kind of cards I enjoy, and then I see Primal Visitation, and a big smile crosses my face. Who wouldn’t want to try to force that monster in a deck? I mean, not including everybody but me?

      • Circeus says:

        It’s amazing just how bad a card can look by costing just one mana too much, uh? I mean, Fatal Fumes is also a terrible card, but at least it has the excuse of having an overcost of 2 mana (over Disfigure)…

        • jmgariepy says:

          Alas, costing too much is the first step down the road ‘worst card in Gatherer’. Oddly, if the card breaks through to the other side, costing a ridiculous amount for its effect, some players start to like the card again. Either recognizing the joke (as with Mindless Null,) or with a desire to protect the poor, injured card (like North Star.) It seems the real stinkers are the cards that can’t be rationalized, but also didn’t go far enough, angering people who don’t know what to make of the card. These cards are the Andy Kaufmans of Magic.

  2. Goatllama says:

    Glad you enjoyed my comment. : )

  1. September 3, 2014

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