The Ten Most Awesome Legendary Commanders, According to Gatherer – Part One

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  1. alextfish says:

    You missed Voracious Cobra in the list of deathtouch-first strikers. Easy to do, as it doesn’t technically have deathtouch (although I think it did for a few months after Future Sight). But it does deserve inclusion on the same list. Apart from that self-indulgent nitpick, this is a really fun article series.

  2. jmgariepy says:

    I didn’t really miss it, since it doesn’t have deathtouch. I also figured someone would mention it in the comments eventually, so I’d be covered. 😉

    I do like this article series. It’s going to be a little tricky to come up with compelling lists from this point forward. Are people really interested in the top ten lands? Well… I am… but it’s a hard sell. I guess I just got to get creative and ramp up the storytelling. One can only read “This makes lots of mana!” so many times…

  3. Johnnycombobravo says:

    Wow I can now have power nine cards without owning one thanks spell book,weldingjar,bonesaw,urza’sbauble,tormodscrypt,even fountain of youth hehe Richard your da man I mean wizard :\

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