Isamaru in Commander – Hounding the Opposition

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  1. alextfish says:

    Very cool. I’ve seen you mention your Isamaru deck on Multiverse before, but it’s great to hear more about it.

    I’m surprised that you don’t mention Skullclamp in the list of 2-drop Isamaru-pumpers, though. Is it unofficially banned in your group, or something? I could certainly understand if so, but it’s not on the official banlist.

    • John-Michael Gariepy says:

      Oh, Ha! Skullclamp. I completely forgot about that card. It certainly fits right on the curve, and I could even imagine throwing Isamaru at players with giant untapped Demons, off the prospect of drawing two cards, then replaying and reequipping Isamaru.

      It isn’t in my deck… but that has more to do with the fact that I don’t like it when my opponents say things like “Okay, you won. But the only reason why you won was because of Skullclamp.” That’s a shallow victory to me. Others, I’m sure, would disagree. I guess I’ll slot it next to ‘Sol Ring’ for “Cards you should probably play, though I’m not.”

      • alextfish says:

        Yeah, I’m certainly no fan of victories driven single-handedly by one card. I’ve had that experience with things like Magmatic Force before. Skullclamp is slightly more subtle than that… people might be tempted to attribute the victory to one of the cards you draw off the Skullclamp, where really it was the ‘clamp driving the victory. But it does seem so natural a fit for this deck that I’d think it’d be worth a mention.

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