100 Article Posts on [Unnamed Blog]!

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2 Responses

  1. D.K. Evans says:

    How about “The Blog With No Name”?

    • jmgariepy says:

      An oddly common name for a blog. Google can attest.

      That said, I started using ‘Dial “D’ for Dungeon Master” about a year ago (This article was originally made… eep! Five years ago?!) which was an original name at the time. Mostly, I wanted to finally give the website a banner, and I couldn’t do that without an official name. So Bob’s your uncle.

      It almost doesn’t matter, though. Google directs all searches for my blog to jmgariepy.com, even if diald4dm.com works as well. By now the former adsress is so ingrained that anyone who cites my work just says it comes from “JMGariepy’s blog”. That’s fine by me. The website’s actual name is more ceremonial, I suppose.

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